World Washing Up

washing up India3

washing up India

washing up india 2

Some ideas ?  If you don’t have time to go through the Jess to Jess page , write a response in the comments box as no one can see it but me – unless I confer my approval – but they can see this so let me know and I’ll cross it out, or just cross it out yourself !  Love you lots xxxxx Jess

washing up somalia

One thought on “World Washing Up

  1. Hi Jess, thought i’d do a reply here. I like the links to the pictures of kids doing washing up, not sure how appropriate it is on its own, but we could gather washing up pictures from around the world and just keep adding! I’m not too keen on the last one about the boy washing up, its all a bit right on and twee in a sickeningly sweet way. just something i dont like about it! Love you lots Beautiful and Wild Jess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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